Sunday, October 18, 2009

Well it is Sunday, and I did not make it out to Western Maryland or Pa. for any pictures, weather was horrible this weekend. Hopefully I can get out this week a couple of times.

I was looking at a site I enjoy going to that post other photographers work and they seek critiques. I have not posted there yet, not sure why, got lots of excuses. But what caught my eye was on one particular picture, the critique was "these make me feel warm, sorry not much of a technical critique". It comment makes me ponder about photography. May times people critique the technical merits of the pictures, placement, composition, etc. But there are two side of this, one technical merit and feeling one gets one they look at the picture. I have seen excellent technical pictures that after I see them I often say, "so what". It did nothing for me at all. Then I have seem pictures that before I can even think of the technical merits the picture has left me speechless or in awe. So there are places for technical pictures and places for awesome pictures. Food for thought.

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