Monday, January 5, 2009

2008 Reflections

2008 was a year filled with interruptions to my photography work. Will not let that happen in 2009. I have set some goals to improve my skills and more important is the commitment to get out more and take more pictures. I received a book for Christmas called "Wild Delaware" by Kevin Fleming. He spent an entire year taking picture all over Delaware, both wildlife and scenery. An outstanding book, would recommend getting it if you are interested in taking pictures in Delaware. If you combine the opportunities of Delaware with the rest of the DELMARVA you should not be lacking in opportunities for subjects. My point is in a year he spent everyday out taking pictures. To be successful you need that commitment. I'm moving toward that commitment.... take more pictures. I also plan on posting my best shots as I spend more time out. On my return trip from the Baltimore area to Lewes I saw two eagles, one flying and the other eating on a dead deer, I did not have my camera, missed opportunities. No more missed opportunities......

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